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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center is TEMPORARILY CLOSED. In-person school tours are canceled through February 2021, but we are now offering virtual school experiences. Please see below. 


We are excited to offer a range of interactive offerings to support students to think about the world we share, some of the pressing issues facing the globe, and ways we can each make a difference. Programs can be adapted to different ages and subject areas.

  • FREE
  • Tours conducted via video chat
  • Can be done entirely remotely, or in a hybrid learning environment
  • Plan for 60 minutes
  • Led by staff of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

Scroll down to read more about each tour offering and use the booking tool at the bottom of the page to reserve.

Questions? Email discoverycent[email protected]


The Science of COVID-19:
Part I | Virus/Testing
Student Levels: Middle & High School
This series of two engaging digital lessons utilize information, quizzes, and conversations to help students understand the science of COVID-19. Part I focuses on the virus, infection, and testing, in addition to examining differing impacts of the disease on diverse populations.

The Science of COVID-19:
Part II | Vaccine/Therapeutics
Student Levels: Middle & High School
The second in a series of two engaging digital lessons utilizing information, quizzes, and conversations to help students understand the science of COVID-19. Part II focuses on the development of RNA vaccines and new therapeutics as well as the challenges of equitable vaccine distribution worldwide.
*Please note, The Science of Covid-19 Parts I and II may be reserved independently however, we encourage educators to reserve both presentations.

COVID-19: In Context
Student Levels: High School
Writing and drawing are pathways for consciousness-raising and context matters as we navigate the human experience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This lesson invites students to draw connections between their individual and collective experiences of COVID-19 by engaging, reflecting, and responding to media in the context of COVID-19.

Design Thinking
Student Levels: Elementary, Middle & High School
Design is a process, a way of thinking, and an approach to solving a problem. This collaborative discussion explores some of the key aspects of human-centered designs and innovations with students working to inclusively solve a design challenge.

Quiz: How well do you know the world?
Student Levels: Middle, High & College
Challenge your assumptions and test your knowledge about our world in this conversation framed around 13 global knowledge questions. Students will consider global issues, our own inaccurate perceptions of other places, and how we can do better.

Global Goals, Local Action
Student Levels: Middle, High & College
This mics-on conversation invites young people to explore local, community issues, and ways to take action using the lens of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Numbers in the Wild: Data Literacy
Student Levels: High School & College
Do you trust data? What do you need to pay attention to? This discussion supports students in building the skills they need to “tame wild numbers” and understand the data they encounter in their everyday lives. We’ll explore topics including social justice, climate change, and pirates.

Our Food System: Access and Inequity  
Student Levels: Middle & High School
Food is essential to all human life, but politics and power structures leave many without adequate nutrition. In this conversation, students explore the history and structures of the American food system, look critically at where food comes from and who has access and reflect on the roles they can play in addressing food justice within their own communities.

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Transportation Subsidies will return when in-person school tours resume.

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