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While being born is a universal human experience, the designs that shape it are not. Many remain taboo and inaccessible to many. This exhibition invites you to consider why and how these designs were developed to facilitate reproductive health, and to ponder the political, economic, and social implications.  Designing Motherhood considers the evolution of rights and societal norms pertaining to conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences over the last 150 years, highlighting that birth—and the material culture that surrounds it—impacts every living person.

This exhibition was organized as a collaboration between the Designing Motherhood curatorial team, the Mütter Museum, and thought leaders Maternity Care Coalition, a direct-service organization that ensures families can birth with dignity, parent with autonomy, and raise babies who are healthy, growing, and thriving.

In Seattle, the exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Discovery Center curatorial team. Thank you to the Seattle area Designing Motherhood advisory committee: Amie Bishop, Senior Research Advisor for OutRight Action International; Angela Garbes, Seattle-based writer and author of Like A Mother (2018); Ari Robbins Greene, proud dad to two children; Dr. Cyril Engmann, Senior Director of Quality and Program Impact and Institutional Official at PATH; Dila Perera, Executive Director at Open Arms Perinatal Services; Mercedes Snyder, owner of Something Beautiful Midwifery; Rebecca Mauldin, Director of Communications & Development at ChildStrive.

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