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Educator Resource Guide: COVID-19

The Discovery Center offers a variety of resources designed to enrich your time in the classroom and during your visit. These resources are designed to support your curricular needs, are ready to use both in the classroom and at home, and offer activities that are age-appropriate and easily accessible.


Teacher Activity Guide | COVID-19 & Masks

At many times during the COVID-19 pandemic experts have recommended wearing face coverings to reduce the spread of the virus. We will examine the role of a mask and set up a mask experiment. For this activity you will use the editable PowerPoint to share information, video links, and instructional videos for the various experiments. You may edit the PowerPoint to meet your class' needs prior to sharing it with your students.

COVID-19 Resource List

These resources link to real-time public health data and advice to keep communities informed during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Vocabulary List

A list of helpful vocabulary terms to review with your students before starting this series of experiments.

Mask Experiments | Educator PowerPoint

This PowerPoint file allows for customized in-class experiments to test the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Mask Experiments | Student Worksheet

A worksheet for students to follow along with their own mask experiment.

Mask Experiments | Example Student Worksheet

An example of a filled-out student worksheet for reference.

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