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Gender Equality: Women’s Empowerment

How would our world be different if women had full inclusion and equality in the home, economy and health care? Taking the United Nations sustainable development goal of gender equality as a guide, we will explore some of the inequalities women face globally and locally. We will consider how empowering women and girls can make a better world for all.

Grades 6+

We will start off by inviting students to first consider the complex topic of gender and invite them to reflect on the role of gender in their own lives and experiences before shifting to discussion on women’s empowerment from a global lens and our own power in working toward a more equal world. Students will leave with concrete ways to support gender equality in their own homes and communities.

Depending on the group size, we’ll have between 1-3 staff to support the session and will split the students into smaller groups of about 15. We can do this on site, but it’s great if the teacher has pre-divided the students. Staff will rotate through the Discovery Center with their group engaging in a range of activities, discussions, and exhibits that connect to the topic. This is intended to be a highly participatory workshop with lots of opportunity for conversation, student sharing and dialogue. The facilitated workshop lasts about 90 minutes. Please leave bags and other personal belongings at school or on the bus.


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