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Global Goals, Local Action

This highly participatory conversation introduces students to the Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 goals laid out by the members of the United Nations to envision and work towards a more equitable world. Students largely drive the conversation considering which goals they want to focus on and explore their own thoughts and reactions to them as well as consider how we see these goals showing up in our own communities.

We explore topics of social justice, inviting lively discussion about envisioning the world we want to live in as young leaders and what we can do as individuals and communities to make that vision a reality.

Middle & High School | College | Adult Groups

This presentation works best if each student is utilizing their own device so we can access online polls, the chat feature and other digital tools. However, we are happy to work with you in whatever classroom environment you are in.

This virtual experience uses a shared screen presentation to present the Sustainable Development Goals but shifts into a student-centered discussion. Students get to choose the topics and are encouraged to share out loud and use the chat feature.


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Below you will find a “Think, Feel, Do” worksheet for students to reflect on the issues they care about and what they can do about them after the presentation. We also included a number of additional resources for review.

Resource: World's Largest Lesson

The United Nation’s World Largest Lesson provides many materials for teaching Sustainable Development Goals.

Resource: Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals website includes downloadable resources for each goal.

Resource: Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations provides resources for how to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Resource: Amplifier

Amplifier provides find free, downloadable art to help amplify social movements. It also includes all the We the Future artwork.

Resource: Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers is a yearly assessment of the progress the world has made on the Sustainable development goals.

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