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Through Positive Eyes:
Live ‘Artivist’ Storytelling

This real-time, interactive presentation of Through Positive Eyes will invite you to confront stigma and build empathy for the resilient spirit of those facing the challenges of HIV/AIDS.
Local ‘artivists’ (artist + activists) will share their personal stories about living with HIV, and encourage students to join the efforts to banish stigma that the disease is entrenched in – a major roadblock to both prevention and treatment.

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Middle & High School | College | Adult Groups

LENGTH: 60 minutes

The program begins with a facilitated introduction to our exhibit, Through Positive Eyes at the Gates Foundation Discovery Center that coalesces around the belief that challenging stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS is one of the most effective ways to combat the epidemic.

Two local artivists will perform their own stories – drawing strength from words and photographs – of living with HIV and what it means to experience and banish stigma. Containing precious wisdom, their powerful personal stories for Through Positive Eyes will compel students to consider, and ultimately work towards ending stigma.

This experience is a rare and amazing opportunity to build empathy, meet inspiring advocates, understand the dangers of stigma, and to explore how we can work together to end it in all its forms.

Students will also get a chance for a mics-on discussion and a Q&A with the artivists towards the end of this featured presentation.

Powerful stories bring powerful topics – including sexuality, drugs, abuse, and experiencing intolerance that may not be suitable for some. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

SUBJECTS: Health | Sex Education | Social Justice | Art | Civic Engagement
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Using the links below, we encourage students to visit the Through Positive Eyes websites and explore more artivist stories, photographs, and videos that are part of this exhibit.

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