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Through Positive Eyes:
The Artivist Within You Workshop


Are your students interested in art and activism? Meet Kelly G., a performer, activist, and a storyteller, in this virtual workshop that helps students bring out their own inner artivist!

This collaborative experience will encourage students to find what they are most passionate about, and to blend it with their activism to create inspiring change in our world.

Please note, participating in the Through Positive Eyes: Live Artivist Storytelling program is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Powerful stories bring powerful topics – including sexuality, drugs, abuse, and experiencing intolerance that may not be suitable for some. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


Middle & High School | College | Adults Groups

LENGTH: 60 minutes
This activity-based workshop is based on, and is inspired by, the Live Artivist Storytelling program. Led by the same host as the artivist performances, this session invites students to find their own sense of activism through art. Come prepared to write, reflect and share!

SUBJECTS: Health | Art | Civic Engagement | Social Justice

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Using the links below, we encourage students to visit the Through Positive Eyes websites and explore more artivist stories, photographs, and videos that are part of this exhibit.

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