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COVID-19: Science, Vaccines & Variants


This engaging virtual lesson helps students better understand the science behind COVID-19. Utilizing video, animated slides and discussion questions, we’ll talk about variants, including Delta and some of the challenges and changes it brings to the world’s response. We’ll discuss the vaccines, how they work, and how they were developed and wrap with a general student-focused discussion on what we think is needed to end the pandemic across the world.

Elementary, Middle & High School

This presentation works best if each student is utilizing their own device so we can utilize online polls, the chat feature and other digital tools. However we are happy to work with you in whatever classroom setup you are in.

This workshop utilizes animated slides, video, and opportunities for students to choose questions they want to focus on and discuss as a group. The concept is the same for all grades, but will have different focuses and discussions depending on the age of the group.

  • Elementary (4th-5th): will focus on understanding how COVID-19 is impacting us and some of the tools we have to help make communities safer.
  • Middle (6th-8th): will focus on the impacts of COVID-19, how the vaccines work, the delta variant and will help answer important questions young people have about the pandemic.
  • High School (9th+): evaluate recent scientific data in our discussion and consider the pandemic in the context of cell and evolutionary biology.


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