Reflections – 20 years of the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Fight and Treat Disease

Combat infectious diseases that particularly affect the poorest.

We believe we can save lives by delivering the latest in science and technology to those with the greatest needs.

We work with partners to provide effective vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics and to develop innovative approaches to deliver health services to those who need it most. And we invest heavily in developing new vaccines to prevent infectious diseases that impose the greatest burden.

Viral Interconnectedness

June Sekiguchi, 2020
Enamel on scroll cut engineered wood

The fragility of human life on the planet becomes all the more visceral with outbreaks such as the current pandemic of the coronavirus and its deadly, insidious invisibility. The chain pattern bordering the edge symbolizes the economic interconnectedness of the global supply chain. The blue random scribbling pattern represents the chaos that ensued in the wake of the outbreak.

Miracle Maker

Janet Fagan, 2020

Poor women see the impact of disease intimately and in stark terms. They are also the power behind the work of preventative care and healing. This piece honors the efforts of women to go the distance – from advocacy to ensuring that vaccines get to the children who need them and so much more. Women are the engine for community-driven change.

First Aid (prevention is the best medicine)

Holly Ballard Martz, 2020
Encaustic, glass syringe, blister pill packs, silver leaf, aluminum on panel

The importance of preventing infectious diseases and the preciousness of vaccines has been made exceedingly clear as we face a global pandemic. Prevention truly is the best medicine.

Wellness Uprising

Maya Milton, 2020
Acrylic paint, gold leaf, pen

Fighting a battle that she’s destined to win, she is unbroken. She symbolizes the fight and strength needed to treat and cure disease. Behind her are healthy cells that represent a battle fought and won. She knows others are fighting the same battle globally.


Romson Regarde Bustillo, 2020
Mixed media on paper

As I complete work on the piece “Together” the COVID-19 epidemic is upon us. My thoughts are of the first human who did not accept suffering or death as a foregone conclusion when faced with illness. Somehow, through keen observation, courage, and determination she discovered that this herb or that root would help with recovery. From that time immemorial we are here, each generation contributing to a knowledge bank that lifts us forward and honors that ancestral will.


Jite Agbro, 2020
Paper, fabric, ink, beeswax, graphite, and thread

What would it be like if the wider availability of treatment and improved effectiveness use of interventions eliminated AIDS?


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