Reflections – 20 years of the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Inspire people to take action to change the world.

We know our resources alone are not enough, so we work to change public policies, attitudes, and behaviors to improve lives. We partner with governments and the public and private sectors and foster greater public awareness of urgent global issues.

The Work of Love

Janet Fagan, 2020
Charcoal, acrylic, spray paint

For all of the hearts that have reached out to another, held on a little tighter, worked a little harder, taken a chance on someone, created a new path, spoken their truth, given their time, believed it was possible, kept going when it was really hard or scary – this work is about you. Thank you for doing the hard work of love that makes this world a better place for each of us.


Jite Agbro, 2020
Paper, fabric, ink, beeswax, graphite, and thread

Imagine how the world might change if every student were given a voice, a good education, and an equal opportunity to succeed.

Raise Your Voice

Maya Milton, 2020
Acrylic paint, gold leaf

As she raises her voice in hopes for an open ear to listen, crowds gather in support. We are in this together with beauty shining from within and around. The more voices we have, the louder the sound, the greater our actions become the change.


Romson Regarde Bustillo, 2020
Mixed media on paper

Stylized shapes occupy this piece as we humans occupy this world and aspire to go beyond. The things that sets us in motion concurrent with the things that allow us pause, empower. In this piece science, the arts, and our cultures, dialogue, community, and meditation guide us forward.

For Every Action There is a Reaction

Holly Ballard Martz, 2020
Encaustic, mirror on panel

Even the smallest action creates a reaction. Just as ripples from a single droplet expand and travel outward, individual actions make an impact. Start here.


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