Through Positive Eyes:
My Photo, My HIV Story

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Virtual Experiences

Sign up for virtual, interactive experiences for high school and college students, and community groups around various themes in the Discovery Center’s latest exhibit, Through Positive Eyes: My Photo, My HIV Story.

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Through Positive Eyes: My Photo, My HIV Story

Engage in a virtual photography discussion around self-portraits captured by people living with HIV over the years with Through Positive Eyes, exploring stigma and the role each of us can play in ending it. This session frames the discussion in the context of the HIV epidemic across the globe, efforts that are underway to expand treatments, and how stigma continues to be a barrier.

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Through Positive Eyes: Live ‘Artivist’ Storytelling

This real-time, interactive presentation of Through Positive Eyes will invite you to confront stigma and build empathy for the resilient spirit of those facing the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

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Through Positive Eyes: The Artivist Within You Workshop

Are your students interested in art and activism? Meet Kelly G., performer, activist, and a storyteller, in this virtual workshop that helps students bring out their inner artivist!

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