We The Future:
Young Leaders of Social Change

Online Exhibit

Educator Resources

We the Future presents a unique opportunity for educators to engage students with numerous social movements, the national and global issues they address, and the inspiring young people at the helm.

We the Future Student Experience

Sign up for our free We the Future student experience for students in grades 6+ featuring 90 minutes of engaging dialogue around the social justice issues featured in the exhibit. Explore action projects and activities to foster critical thinking and community building. Bus reimbursement available.

Virtual Experience

Can’t make it in person? Sign up for a free virtual tour of We the Future using Skype in the Classroom. Staff will engage your class in rich dialogue around some of today’s most pertinent issues.

Attend A Workshop

Connect with fellow educators and gain ideas and resources for how to incorporate the themes of We the Future into your classroom.

2019-2020 Educator Cohort

Sign up to be part of Amplifier’s 2019-2020 Educator Cohort for the We the Future campaign.


Educator Q&A

Amplifier addresses common questions from educators about the We the Future campaign.


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