We The Future:
Young Leaders of Social Change

Online Exhibit

Local Changemakers

We invite you to celebrate young leaders in Washington working to make a difference.

Local young changemakers are driving positive change by raising their voices, exercising their civic power, and applying their skills and talents to shape a better Washington for all of us. They are artists, community organizers, entrepreneurs, activists, and storytellers—all collectively reminding us that each one of us has the power to take action in our own communities.

Take a moment to appreciate their stories and reflect on ways you can raise awareness and support the work of local young leaders in your community.

LilyThorng (she/her)

Kathryn Lau (she/her)

Daniela Altamirano Crosby (she/her)

Alice Mao (she/her)

Sergio Barrera (he/him)

Alina Johnson (she/her)

Alexander Marron Andrade (he/him)

Rachel Joshua (she/her)

Nura Abdi (she/her)

Margarita Elias (she/her)

Dominique Salas (him/his)

Alvine Amelia Ngouonga (she/her)

Positively Positive (they/them)

Rya Fisherman (she/her)

Latino H.E.A.T: Maricela Vera (she/her), Andres Soriano (he/him) & Alin Leyva (she/her)

Alexandra E. Mendez Torres

Hannah Paul (she/her)

Maxwell Turner (he/him)

Anya Shukla (she/her)

Dr. Laura Zamudio-Orozco (she/her)

Danny Herrera

Maria Jones (she/her)

Abari Charles (she/her)

Melanie Chavez (she/her)

Grace LaMonte (she/her)

Stella Keating (she/her)

Amber Ortiz Diaz (she/ her)

Taylor Wang (she/her)

Raven Two Feathers (he/they)

Vibha Shivarajan (she/her)

Rosario-Maria "Chayo" Medina (she/her/they/them)

Chayton Remle (he/him)

Baby Clarissa Morning Gun (she/her)

Alejandra Pérez (she/ella)

Abriel Johnny (she/her)

Daniel Harada (he/him)

Moe'Neyah Holland (she/her)

Cameron Davis (he/him)

Tori Kirihara (she/her)

Makeda Hope-Crichlow (she/her)

Madylin Sandoval (she/her)

Anita Mendoza (she/her)

Vanessa Larios (she/her)

Nancy Canales-Montiel (she/hers)

Mc Erl Dave Andres (he/him she/her)

Andy Burnstein (he/him)

Anastacia Appiah-Kubi (she/hers)

Ismail Yusuf (he/him)

Anthony Ukaogo Jr. (he/him)

Stephanie Ung (she/her)

Aneesa Roidad (she/her)

Sara Itucas (she/her)

Neli Jasuja (she/her/they/them)

Téa Fortune (she/her)

Robel Andmicael (he/him)

Mayyadah Zagelow (she/her)

Karen Lobos (she/her)

Hiyab Tewoldeberhan (she/her)

Ayan Hersi (she/her)

Robin Hall (she/her)

Carmen Berrysmith

Kaeshon Adams (he/him)

Maya DeAvilla (she/her)

Renee Williams

Andrea Liao (she/her)

Daniela Cortez (she/her)

Rosa Medoza (she/her)

Azure Savage (he/him)

Kiran Oommen (they/them)

Sage Ke'alohilani Quiamno (she/her)

Monyee Chau (she/they)

Ari Lozano (she/they)

Angelina Riley (she/her)

Seika Brown (she/her)

Diana Rodriguez (she/her)

Thearina Leng (she/her)

Mimi Zekaryas (she/her)

Ana Chen (she/her)

Fernando Sanchez Jasso (he/him)

Nyomi Iwalani Jose (she/her)

Eric Holzapfel (he/him)

Alillia Bowden (she/her)

Evana Enabulele (they/them)

Aurelio Valdez (he/him)

Katherine Val Renee Jefferson (she/her)

Danielle Kili Kennedy Jefferson (she/her)

Billie Lynn Kennedy Jefferson (she/her)

Maya Milton (she/her)

LaShaiah Dickerson (she/her)

Mirabai Kukathas (she/her)

Mariama Suwaneh (she/her)

Silvia Leija (she/her)

Linda Chastine (she/her)

Kidist Habte (she/her)

Nicole Suyama (she/her)

Gurjot Kang (she/her)

Haley Cummins (she/her)

How are these young leaders selected?

Local community organizations and groups have nominated each of the featured changemakers. The project prioritizes the stories, voices, and agency of youth of color, especially Black and Indigenous youth, as well as LGTBQ+, immigrant and refugees, and youth with disabilities. Youth from these communities have been and continue to be impacted disproportionately by inequity in our society. When we intentionally highlight and center their knowledge, work, and experiences­­, they can teach us how we can collectively build a better world.

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