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Isra Chaker
Standing up for immigrants

“My community is more resilient than it has ever been, and more hopeful than we have ever been. We are engaging in creating the ‘America’ we should be, a country of acceptance and loving thy neighbor, no matter how they identify.”

Poster: Isra Chaker by Kate DeCiccio

Isra (she/her) is a Syrian-American civil rights activist, campaigns and advocacy expert, and public speaker.  She serves as the Refugee, Migration, and Protection Campaign Lead at Oxfam, where she advocates for vulnerable people such as refugees, asylum seekers, and temporary protected status (TPS) holders, and fights against discriminatory policies such as Muslim bans.

Trump’s Executive Order 13769 also known as the Muslim ban, not only reduces the total number of refugees accepted into the U.S., it bans entry by citizens of several majority-Muslim countries including Syria. Being personally impacted by this ban and unable to reunite with her family in Syria, Isra is passionately driven in her work for reuniting families and advocating for vulnerable people.

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