We are living through great change. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have come together in astonishing and inspiring ways. In March 2020, the Discovery Center partnered with the South Seattle Emerald to reach out to local communities to ask, “How are you dealing with the pandemic?” Answers came in the form of stories, recordings, and photographs. This collection inspired the online exhibition Enduring COVID-19: Stories from a Transforming World.

As the pandemic wears on, it has affected more lives than we ever imagined—and the stories we began collecting have grown into the exhibition on view now in the special exhibit gallery at the Discovery Center. This exhibition explores the collective needs that have arisen or come to light during COVID-19, inequities of race, gender, and geography, and the question,

How do we experience change?

How do we survive change?

How do we bring about change?

How are we changed?

How are we changing?

Exhibition Highlights

Explore the stories featured in the gallery

Stories featured in the exhibition were selected from our online Enduring COVID-19: Stories from our Transforming World exhibit. Check out these stories and more here.

Jessica Byrd Ghyvoronsky

Seattle-based multidisciplinary artist Jessica Byrd Ghyvoronsky is the creative force behind the reflection space that accompanies the Discovery Center’s newest exhibit, Where Do We Go from Here? Stories from a Transforming World.

What have you learned?

Within the exhibition, we have created space for our visitors to share what they have learned during this pandemic, is it about science, equity, resilience, or something else?

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