Youth Ambassador Porgram members posing with Teen Action Fair posters

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Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)
YAP is a yearlong program for high school-aged youth who care deeply about fostering inclusion and belonging, want to raise awareness about local and global issues, and create youth-focused programs and exhibits to inspire positive social change. Youth Ambassadors spearhead community outreach efforts, organize the Teen Action Fair, co-facilitate the Take Action Summer Workshops, and develop leadership, empathy, and collaboration skills along the way.

Applications for YAP are open to youth who have participated in the Summer Take Action Workshop for high school students.

Meet our YAP Members!

Adriana Cruz (she/her)

Amal Robel (she/her)

Anna Rutherford (she/her)

Andy Vu (he/him)

Anika Consul (she/her)

Betty Gebretsadik (she/her)

Bitaniya Giday (she/her)

Dorah Renstrom (she/her)

Emily Tanner (she/her)

Eric Xia (he/him)

Fadumo Roble (she/her)

Hannah Mai (she/her)

Gian Roque (he/him)

Aarushi Sahai (she/her)

Julia Dinh (she/her)

Kyrie Miller (he/him)

Lissy Marin-Contreras (she/her)

Maria Navarro (she/her)

Micaela Ollivierre (she/her)

Nik Nair (he/him)

Noah Collier (he/him)

Riley Barlett (she/her)

Torie Smith (she/her)

Varsha Venkatesan (she/her)

Yubi Mamiya (she/her)

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