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Virtual Youth Summer Workshop: What to do with all that Poo?

This workshop is open to youth entering grades 7 – 9. Everybody poops, but where does it go? This workshop explores how people across the world are creatively solving the crucial question of sanitation – and what we can do locally to help. Examine connections between sanitation and related issues like health, gender, education, and equity.

Virtual Youth Summer Workshop: All About Food

This workshop is open to youth entering grades 10 – 12. Everyone needs nutritious food, but not everyone has equal access to it. In this workshop, we’ll explore how social and economic power structures play a role in it. We’ll also discover foods from around the world and critically examine global and U.S. food systems. Thanks to our guest speakers working in agriculture, you’ll learn to cook with new ingredients and walk away with skills to grow your own garden too!


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