Demanding Intersectionality in Disability Justice Movements

Join Lydia X. Z. Brown in conversation with local leaders on disability justice in the movement for racial justice. Lydia is a community organizer, writer, speaker, educator, attorney, and advocate for disability justice. They work to disrupt and end all forms of systemic and interpersonal violence targeting disabled people at the margins of the margins. Co-hosted with exhibit partner Amplifier. Free.
ChrisTiana ObeySumner is a Black and Indigenous, Queer, and Multiply disabled person. They are a DEI and Intersectional Disability advocate and consultant and founded Epiphanies of Equity LLC and The Eleanor Elizabeth Institute for Black Empowerment.
NEVE is a choreographer, writer, composer, and multidisciplinary performance artist based in Duwamish and other Unceded Coast Salish Territories.
Seema Bahl is a faculty member in the Sociology Department at Bellevue College focusing in the areas of gender, race, feminism, and disability.
Shain A. M. Neumeier is an autistic activist for disability, youth, and queer justice and liberation. They are a solo attorney in Western Massachusetts whose practice focuses on disability and transgender law.

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