Skype in the Classroom

Take a virtual field trip to the Discovery Center without leaving your classroom through Skype in the Classroom. Explore our program offerings below and request a session today. For more information, email us at [email protected].

Virtual Field Trip Details

  • Ages 8-1035 minutes
  • Ages 11-1335 minutes
  • Ages 14-1835 minutes
  • Connect with us through our Skype in the Classroom virtual field trip offerings! Bring the Discovery Center into the classroom. Explore current challenges and solutions that impact your world today.

We The Future: Young Leaders of Social Change

Bring the "We The Future" exhibit to your classroom via Skype! Celebrate youth leadership and inspire action a range of causes like climate justice, gun reform, voting, immigration, and queer rights, and more. Staff will engage your class in rich dialogue around some of today’s most pertinent issues.

Meet the Worlds Deadliest Animal

On this Skype virtual field trip, we'll introduce your students to the world's most deadly animal: the mosquito. By spreading diseases, mosquitoes are responsible for upwards of a million deaths worldwide every year, more than any poisonous snake, crocodile, lion or other animals. Students will have time for Q&A.

What to do with all the poo? Reinventing the Toilet!

On this Skype virtual field trip, we'll introduce your students to some of the current challenges around sanitation and potential solutions. 2.5 billion people don't have a safe place to go to the bathroom. This leads to pollution, disease, and other issues that make it hard to live a healthy life. We work with partners around the world to find solutions to this crisis.

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