How we go

Explore the diverse ways of “going” and learn about how people use the bathroom worldwide.

See bathrooms from around the world and then go deeper into daily life in more than 60 countries. Dollar Street posts snapshots of people’s toilets, plus everything from toothbrush types and cell phones to favorite household items. Dollar Street, developed by Gapminder, offers a glimpse into real life behind facts and figures that can skew our perceptions. 

Did you know

Low flow toilet

Low-flow toilets that discharge 1.6 gallons per flush can reduce the average family’s water use by nearly 13,000 gallons per year.

Squat toilet

About two-thirds of the world uses squat toilets. Squatting straightens the colon, making it easier for the body to poop.


Most of the world (70%) are washers. Instead of toilet paper, a bidet hose provides a stream of water for post-poop cleansing. In many countries, especially in India, wash cups are staples in bathrooms for cleansing.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper made from recycled materials generates 30% fewer carbon emissions than traditional TP—while reducing both air and water pollution.