A gallery shot of the "Our Work" gallery featuring visitors looking at exhibits on display in the Discovery Center.

Our work gallery

Whether the challenge is low-yield crops in Africa or gender-based barriers in India, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. In this gallery, you can explore an interactive timeline of the Gates Foundation’s history and milestones. The foundation has grown from a small office led by Bill’s dad, Bill Gates Sr., into a global organization that has given away more than $60 billion to reduce poverty, disease, hunger, and inequality. Gifts from Warren Buffett totaling more than $36 billion since 2006 have allowed the foundation to greatly increase its impact.

The centerpiece is a giant screen display with data visualizations and intersections between some of the world’s global challenges. It shows that although there is much more work to do, progress is being made.

You can also experience a visual case study outlining our work in the fight to eradicate Polio. A couple of generations ago, polio killed or paralyzed more than half a million people a year, mostly kids. Today, the world sees only a handful of wild polio cases a year. The polio story is just one example of how scientists, humanitarians, governments, and millions of health workers and volunteers have mobilized to make life better for everyone.

What issues would you focus on if you had a foundation? Add your thoughts to our dynamic “Your Foundation” message board. There is so much to explore.