Visitors in the welcome gallery of the Discovery Center. The main feature is a young girl in a red shirt who is facing a screen and is in attendance with her guardian.

Welcome gallery

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates grew up in families where community service was a calling. They started the Gates Foundation more than two decades ago to dedicate most of their wealth from Microsoft, the company Bill co-founded, to creating a world where everyone has the chance to live a healthy and productive life. In this gallery, you will hear personal stories and reflections from Bill, Melinda, and Bill Gates Sr. You will also hear from Stella, a smallholder farmer in Africa; Poonam, a health care worker in India; and William, a teacher in Colorado, about the important work they do in their communities every day.

I believe the actions of one person can make a meaningful, lasting difference in the lives of others.

Bill Gates Sr.

The people you will see in this gallery are the community members, experts, and staff we work with to push past barriers that keep people across the world from reaching their potential and fulfilling their needs, goals, and aspirations.