Collage of We The Future posters

We the Future

Young Leaders of Social Change

This exhibition showcased the stories of 10 young leaders working to build an equitable and inclusive world. Inspired by Amplifier’s We the Future education campaign and co-curated with the Gates Foundation Discovery Center’s Youth Ambassador Program, the exhibit celebrates youth leadership and action across a range of social justice issues and invites audiences of all ages to imagine and become the change they want to see in the world.

The exhibit featured the powerful stories of Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Amanda Gorman, Leah the Activist, Ismael Nazario, Winter BreeAnne, Lydia X. Z. Brown, Lindsay Amer, Amanda Nguyen, Isra Chaker, and Paul S. John   ̶  alongside iconic graphic artworks of each of these 10 young leaders by the artists Shepard Fairey, Rommy Torrico, Munk One, and Kate DeCiccio. The exhibit featured inspiring videos, hands-on art-making, brave spaces for community dialogue, and ways to take action.