Designing Motherhood

Things That Make and Break Our Births

Birth is the way we all arrive in this world—and each of us will repeat, prevent, delay, or reject reproduction during our lives. As we do, we will interact with designs of all kinds: products, devices, programs, and policies. While being born is a universal human experience, the designs that shape that experience are not. 

Designs can make and break our experiences around reproduction, even if most of us are unaware of their development. Designing Motherhood invites us to consider why and how designs that facilitate reproductive health have been developed and to ponder their social, economic, and political implications. This exhibition highlights how birth and the culture that surrounds it affect every living person. These are not just women’s issues; they are human issues and they matter to us all. 

This exhibition features topics including our bodies, reproduction, health care, and the care and feeding of babies.

Below are some highlights featured in the galleries.