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  • 12. Oxytocin Inhaler

    Postpartum hemorrhage, is one of the most common causes of maternal mortality. While the hormone oxytocin can help prevent it by stimulating the uterus to contract. Inhaled oxytocin would eliminate the need for injections, require minimal training, and is stable at room temperature.

    12. Oxytocin Inhaler
  • OdonAssist™

    The BD Odon Device™ is only the third tool created to assist with vaginal birth. It was designed by Argentinian car mechanic Jorge Odón, who watched a video about how to get a cork out of an empty wine bottle and wondered if the technique could support birth. He developed a prototype that quickly attracted…

  • NIFTY™ Cup

    The NIFTY™ Cup allows mothers to directly express milk, eliminating cross-contamination from other containers, while the spout’s small reservoir holds just enough milk to allow the infant to pace their own feeding.

    NIFTY™ Cup
  • NeoNatalie

    NeoNatalie is a simulator that supports training in resuscitation during the first 10 minutes of life.

  • Solar-Powered GPS Bracelet

    To connect nomadic women in Kenya to free maternity and postpartum care from traveling health workers, Dahabo Adi Galgallo designed culturally appropriate, solar-powered GPS bracelets.

    Solar-Powered GPS Bracelet
  • Mobile Midwives Ultrasound

    In reproduction and caregiving, monitors can be designed to empower individuals, families, and larger communities, but they can also affect the way we perceive and react, magnify our anxieties, or compromise bodily autonomy and more intimate ways of knowing.

    Mobile Midwives Ultrasound
  • Microneedle contraceptive patch & Press

    Sayana® Press and the microneedle contraceptive patch both offer a do-it-yourself approach to injectable contraception that expands access beyond the medical setting.

    Microneedle contraceptive patch & Press
  • Kangaroo Mother Care Game

    Kangaroo mother care supports newborn development by promoting skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

    Kangaroo Mother Care Game
  • JustMilk Nipple Shield

    The JustMilk nipple delivery system will offer a way to deliver antibiotics, antimalarials, antiretrovirals, vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics to infants.

    JustMilk Nipple Shield
  • Bioceptive Cervical Retractor and IUD Inserter

    New Orleans–based Bioceptive designed a device called a cervical retractor to replace the forceps used in IUD insertion.

    Bioceptive Cervical Retractor and IUD Inserter